Killing Fox News

Bill O’Reilly has written a series of books with the word “Killing” in the title. I was going to make this post killing O’Reilly, but I see there are at least two books that beat me to it. The title above may be more fitting anyway, allow me to explain. When Fox news fired Bill O’Reilly, they put (In a take on Mr. Spock’s words, from the movie Wrath of Khan) the needs of the few, over the needs of the many. Bill O’Reilly was a much needed power on Fox News, his style was, in my opinion, a bit more independent than his Fox Colleague Sean Hannity, in that Bill moved like a Viper in the grass toward left and right guests. Bill was also engaged in exposing what many felt, was previously ignored corruption in the Obama administration. I don’t see how there can be a debate on how the left treats Conservatives vs Liberals, it’s just common sense. I am not saying O’Reilly is a Conservative, but I am saying he walked in support of Conservative ideas far too much for the left. I have both applauded Bill and yelled at the T.V. while watching his show, so this is not really about standing up for Bill, as much as it is against hypocrisy, dishonesty and inequality.

I don’t know everything that Bill O’Reilly allegedly said or did, but I do know that Bill Clinton was credibly accused of Rape, indecent exposure and aggressive Sexual harassment, and the left was more than happy to put him back in the White House along side his ardent defender, Candidate Hillary Clinton. So, why was the left and Fox willing to “KILL BILL”, when it came to O’Reilly, but are more than willing to give Bill Clinton ever lasting life? Is it not the left that points out that Hillary won the popular vote by nearly three million votes? Yea, sure it is, so when more than half of the voters (whether you believe there was voter fraud or not) vote to put the little playboy back in the White House to possibly harass Women anew, where is, or should there even be, public outrage over Bill O’Reilly? This is phony Baloney. O’Reilly was sacrificed on the alter of political Correctness in my opinion, a religious movement that only uses Conservatives, Christians, and People that don’t skate to the tune of leftists ideology, as their modern sacrificial virgins.

Sexual Harassment VS Sexual Power:

First, understand this. I think Men that pester Women not interested in their advances are akin to bottom feeders and should be dealt with accordingly. What I do not understand is, is how this is even possible? The left tells us there is no difference in Men and Women, and yet, Women have no defense against these super power predators? Does that first tells us, that there is a big difference in Men and Women? I think it does tell us just that. Women need special protections. It’s okay though, because one has nothing to do with the other as far as the left is concerned. They just use them separately when it is convenient to move leftism forward. When someone points to the contradictions of the left, they either ignore these facts and continue an endless talking point, or call the commentator or debater a Misogynist, Racist or Homophobe, it is whatever the flavor of the day is, that will accelerate the action, whether that is to remove a politician, a commentator or someone else threatening to advance this leftist worldview. Bill O’Reilly was a big threat to the left, maybe to some hidden voices at Fox, millions outside of Fox, and to evil powers here and there.

Super Heroes put on their outfits, costumes, or otherwise transform before they go out into the World to battle evil. Mortal Women do much of the same thing as Super Heroes in that they transform when they go out into the big market work place, they may not be Super Heroes, but they are every bit as powerful in another way. Women have SEXUAL POWER. How can this be argued? What sells products? Sexual Power. The left even promotes it. Hollywood promotes it, and yes, Network News uses it. Tell me something, do Women looking for big media positions show up with their hair back, wearing baggy sweat pants and ball caps? Now, I know the counter argument is going to be that Men show up in suits. Except most Men do not show up with carefully placed make up and a host of other vain condiments. Women know their power and often flaunt it, and is that not Sexual Harassment directed at the male beast? Answer: YES! Now, this form of Sexual Harassment is culturally acceptable, but the fact is, by the very nature of who Men are, most love it.

I have seen the Fox Babes in their battle gear, and they display their Sexual Power for all the World to see. If there is no difference in Men and Women than where are their suits? They don’t wear suits, they instead threaten them; via Court cases after engaging in their natural power of visual seduction via Sexual Harassment. Yes, that’s no excuse, a Women should have a right to be respected, yea, well Men do to. Despite how much the left wants to believe we are all intellectual automated biological robots, nothing could be further from the truth. We all have powerful sexual desires, and in general, Men are far more visually oriented than Women, that’s why, Women use that visual stimulation to land big jobs. How can any honest person dispute that cold hard fact? Well, they cannot. No, there is no excuse for rape. If you are going to start that nonsense argument, than go talk to left winger Bill Clinton, he was accused of it, but oh wait, he was given a pass, the left tried to elect him again through Hillary.

If a man makes a pass at a Woman or says inappropriate things than that Woman should either immediately put him in his place, and if that does not work, she should talk to the boss after first warning her co-worker again, and if the boss does not discipline him, then the boss should be fired. If that’s not an option, tell the parties involved that you will take legal action if it continues. Now wait, here’s the other story. If that same Woman follows the harasser from job to job (like Rush Limbaugh once reported Anita Hill did with Clarence Thomas) and the harassment continues, than she is partially to blame. The same can be said in nearly every work situation. Some Women use their Sexual Power to get a job, and then to move into a promotion, and many flirt with their bosses or even go a step beyond a flirt, having dinner with the boss, while being overly friendly. The whole time that man is looking at the hair, the lips and the curves and sizing this Woman up, maybe to fulfill a fantasy relationship, or maybe for something more meaningful. If the Woman is just trying to move up in her job, is there a legal issue here? No, Women get total harassment immunity, and most of the time, even with, what the left would define as classic PC Sexual Harassment.

The Woman may have gotten the job using her natural gifts. The Woman may have received the promotion wearing that dress that drove that biological man surely nuts. The Woman was being overly nice. Now, she sets up this biological mess called a man for the kill, the financial kill, and plays the game until the game reaches full circle. “You are out of line Mr. Smith” “Stop it” “Don’t tell me my hair is hot, I have sexy long legs, You love the shape of my hips, my lips” Some Women may quit the job at that point and then they find an attorney to send a letter to the company in any town USA. The case gets settled without ever going to Court and Abracadabra!, this Woman need not work another day if she chooses. Twenty Million buys a ton of make-up and sexy dresses for the next needed display of Sexual Power. However, despite the unbearable stresses of Sexual Harassment, some Women wait until they leave their job because of a new circumstance in their life, and have their attorney send a letter at that point, or file a case with a court, or even write a book, either way, they win, and some poor sap loses.

In the case of Fox News and Bill O’Reilly, millions of Americans that have trusted in Fox to bring so many of us more of the truth, are the losers. I hope these accusers of Bill O’Reilly hold liberal Men to the standards that they have demanded of O’Reilly, and I hope his accusers do not match any of the scenarios outlined above, because I have seen evidence of these very things, or I would not have written about it. I will give these Women my blessing and support for some of the unknown things that these Women may have endured, because I love and respect Women, but, if O’Reilly was fired or resigned solely for some of the things I’ve heard that were said, then his firing, resignation or whatever, was utter nonsense and incredibly unfair. For any of you Women involved that used your Sexual Power to control a man and then bring him down, enjoy your millions, I’m sure you will find a very expensive dress shop to wrap your curves, the rest of us will enjoy one less voice to combat the corruption that the left and the democratic leadership have become, as they work to destroy more and more Christians, Conservatives, and free thinkers like Bill O’Reilly. It’s okay though, got your twenty million, what do you care? Tell you what though, if people don’t start caring about our nation and not just themselves, we will all lose our nation and ourselves.

If the words I have learned concerning this case are true, and are worth ten or twenty million for causing these Women undue stress and anguish, where is my twenty million Fox? I cannot tell you how much stress your liberal guests have caused me when they advocate stripping and destroying the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution, or when Bob Beckel makes excuses for all manner of liberal endeavors perpetrated by individuals in his favorite political party, or even when Sean Hannity has made excuses for Bob Beckel’s comments. I cannot tell you how many times my heart has pumped faster listening to Geraldo, when the only issue that seems to matter to him, is the issue of Hispanic Race or ethnicity, no matter what the subject being debated. These Women get ten or twenty million, I get to keep hearing these liberals spew their garbage, and yes I am affected, it’s stressful to see these attacks on morality and our Constitutional rights. Yes, I know, I can change the channel, I don’t have to watch, well yea, neither did these Women have to stay at Fox. Where’s my twenty million Fox? Don’t worry; I won’t watch the mailbox.

Fox may end up becoming another CNN, CBS, OR ABC. If this happens, Fox will be killing themselves, because there will be no where else to go but radio and the internet. Watch out Limbaugh, they may concentrate on you next.

Bill O’Reilly, I understand; is moving forward on line? I wish him the best, but FOX should reconsider and bring him back, America needs a man like Bill, as we are running out of watch dogs, the left is sending them all to the pound.

Mark Damon

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