IN Defense of Ham’s Ark!

I just finished reading the story in the Courier Journal about the Ark Encounter. I was glad to see that  Louisville’s big paper seemed to be neutral in the reporting of this ground breaking attraction. I was really a bit surprised to learn that the Ark was going to be met with protesters. Frankly, I don’t get it. The Courier reports that groups involving Atheists and Counter Evangelicals will be at the public presentation. I certainly do not understand why either Atheists or counter evangelicals care one way or the other. I assume that Atheists do not believe in the story of the Ark at all, and that some Evangelicals must not believe in everything that is written in God’s word? I assume that both protest groups believe in the First Amendment because they will be protesting under the protection of it. I ask again, what’s the issue? Certainly, Ham and company have the same right to put their Constitutional rights on display, right? Do the protesters wish to shut it down or to tell people the story of the Ark is untrue? The Courier gives us insight into their disagreement, but that too, makes no sense. Let me illustrate the case.

Jim Helton, leader of a group called free thinkers, feels that the Ark Encounter teaches Children that they can’t trust Science. I don’t know why he would make such an inaccurate statement. The traditional definition of Science is the search for Truth. Some of the greatest and most famous Scientists of all time were Christians, and I may add, they made some of our most monumental discoveries. Ken Ham starts his Scientific studies from a different launching pad than most secular Scientists and that’s all there is to it. Many Scientists agree with Ham, and like Ham’s dissenters, they all have prestigious degrees. So, instead of a child coming away with a distrust of Science, they come away as a free thinker. Is that not what the title of Helton’s group is all about? I have read Ken’s books, and I have read books on Evolution and the Big Bang, and Ken’s theories and positions make far more sense. We have nothing man made that did not take planning and precision manufacturing, and it is folly to believe that complex living organisms came about any other way as well.

As far as counter evangelicals and their belief systems, why believe in God at all if you feel the word of God is in error? Scientifically speaking, you either believe the Bible or you don’t. I think the counter evangelicals should pick up their Genocide and incest t-shirts from Helton’s group, and start rubbing shoulders as they protest for the good of their common cause. (what-ever that is). Two more things: Since God was systematically removed from public life, our society has gone from worries about bubble gum chewing in the classroom, to looking over our shoulders for active shooters. So much for the virtues of Atheism. I believe personally, that these protests come from bigotry toward Christians or at least the Christian message. Hey, the Bible tells us that true Christians will be persecuted. Since this is happening all over the world and soft Christian persecution is on the increase in America, I would say the Bible is a great source for truth. Science is the search for truth and the Bible has a good record for observable truth (aka Science). One last thing: Science has a track record of constant error and adjustment. Is there anything else in the human experience that we trust in, that has such a poor record of consistent accuracy? Children would be better off searching for truth, whether that be in Science or the Holy Bible and its glorious and virtuous absolutes.

I wish I could be at the Ark premiere, I’ll catch it soon. Thank you C.J. for being fair.

Mark Damon, the


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  1. Tilly

    I just read your Blog on the Ark and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a shame that our society has been taught to fear the Bible, Christians, and their beliefs. God has been removed because He is offensive. Well, I’m offended by what I see and hear in my daily life. I hope Ken Ham and the Ark are wildly successful and can begin to reach those who need their eyes, hearts and minds opened. Keep up the great work on the Blog, it is very informative.


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