Please Define F.B.I.

Is F.B.I director James Comey saying Hillary is culpable or not culpable? If intent of wrong doing is the standard, does that mean President Obama can throw a big party, get stone faced drunk with the rest of the Nuclear code holders, and with gleaming glee, launch a Nuclear Missile that obliterates the State of Indiana? I can see it now. President Obama acted with gross negligence when he ordered the Nuclear strike against Indiana, but he did not intend to do so, after all, he and all of his top officials were intoxicated! Sorry Mr. President for the example, you may not even drink, forgive me.

Director Comey may be a great guy and an outstanding Director of the F.B.I, I mean, lots of people say he is, but I just don’t get it. For the many other times that I just don’t get what public officials are doing, see many of my other blogs! Maybe Rush Limbaugh has the pulse of this decision. He believes Obama would have pardoned Queen Hillary anyway. Maybe Director Comey is craftier than we all can imagine. Maybe he has just handed Trump the White House. Time will tell. I still believe the Science fiction of the Twilight Zone has become Science fact.

One day I am going to see Rod Serling standing next to the President at his next speech!

Mark Damon

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