Is Bigfoot Real?

Yes, I think Bigfoot is real, and three other things: I do not believe Bigfoot enters our world through a portal.  I will leave that nonsense to people that believe in reincarnation, benevolent spirit guides, magic cards and the morality of astrology. I believe Bigfoot is a rare living Animal known as Giganthropithicus (hope I spelled that right) and that some are still with us because evolution never took place in the first place.

That’s my update crypto blog. Sorry, been so busy writing about people trying to destroy our country, that I have not had time for much of anything else. I guess after the election I can get to some crypto writing and research, we’ll see, stay with me. I’m sure some of you did not like my thoughts on portals, reincarnation etc, but hey, I thinks it’s utter nonsense, but wait, here comes a clarification. It’s not that I doubt the existence of portals, it’s just that I do not believe that a ten foot ape like creature is traveling back and forth through them.

Thank you and have a good day, till I return.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Damon

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