The Eighth Day of Halloween has Russia, 17 Intelligence Sources, and the A.B.C s of Deception.

ABC News and the National Mask:

The most ardent hosts of our national Halloween party is the mainstream national media. Yes, they have some of the most convincing costumes. So colorful and deceptive are they, why it’s so absolutely ghoulish! The commentators started on Trump immediately following the third Presidential debate. One ABC commentator talked about Trump’s poor understanding of the Supreme Court. Let’s see, Trump said he was going to appoint Justices that would uphold the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights, and Clinton said she was going to protect Marriage Equality and L.G.B.T rights. Marriage equality is an edict crafted by the Supreme Court, an imagined right issued by a Court having no business what-so-ever in doing so. Sorry, The Supreme Court does not own a private institution (Marriage), the people do, but it is law now, because we now accept the Supreme Court as a collective force of nine dictators, which is an assault on the Constitution in itself.

Still, the ABC commentator insisted Trump was ignorant of the Supreme Courts function, even though, Hillary’s rights would come about by Justices establishing law, whereas Trump’s rights are dependent on actual laws in the Bill of Rights called Amendments, established by Congress. These are the way rights are supposed to work under our Constitution, not on the whims of progressive Justices. If the ABC commentator was not wearing a Halloween Mask while looking in the mirror at his self deception, than he is simply ignorant of the Constitution, or perhaps like many progressives, he thinks the Constitution is in his way, and he is a traitor. Which is it of the three, or is there another reason this commentator does not understand how the Supreme Court works? I wish someone would ask him.

The A.B.C.s of deception continued:

We have heard the ignorance of ABC commentator one, now let’s look at another. One commentator of ABC stated that Hillary wants background checks on firearms and that most Americans support those measures. Gosh!, that’s a great Mask Mr. Commentator, you might be hired for season eight of the Walking Dead, that mask is awesome, it looks so incredibly real! Problem is Mr. Commentator, we don’t need actors and deceivers in the media, but news people. Are you really wearing a mask, or is your face the face of utter stupidity? Mr. Commentator, we have background checks to buy a gun, and you are a liar, just like the Woman that probably you and the majority of your colleagues, support.

A.B.C.’s and Hillary’s background checks revealed:

Hillary Clinton wants to ban semi-automatic firearms. I could go through the list but the types and kinds of firearms she wants to ban would fill two blogs. Hillary Clinton has said that she likes the Australian gun ban model. This includes nearly all firearms. Four Supreme Court Justices ruled in the Heller decision that the individual right to keep and bear arms does not exist. These are the types of Justices that Hillary will nominate and just what the cowards in Congress will confirm for her. Hillary wants to BAN GUN PURCHASES for terrorists, problem is, to her, conservatives, Christians, Catholics, and Jews are the terrorists, just ask the I.R.S! To Hillary, the deplorable, A.K.A. Trump supporters, are the terrorists. In the third debate she promised to be the President for all people, but in her D.N.C. speech she said she needed to get elected to pursue the progressive platform. Sorry, that does not represent me, nor tens of millions of others. Millions do not want this progressive puke, and many people voting for her don’t want it either, they are simply deceived and are too busy watching the housewives of Venus, to catch a clue at what is happening to their country and to their freedom.

Yes, A.B.C. left out the specifics of Hillary’s legendary background check program. If you are conservative, Christian or Jew, or just a value based American, you may be on Hillary’s no purchase list. If you are an AR-15, (A RIFLE) you automatically fail the background check, that’s right, inanimate objects like guns will fail Hillary’s background check. They won’t make it to a gun shop for sale. The main stream media are such liars.

A.B.C Three:

One commentator said that Trump’s unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election was dangerous and if there is any violence following the election than Trump should be held responsible! Oh my gosh! Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! How dare Trump suggest that the democratic leadership are cheaters! Dead people are voting in this election, thousands of people, perhaps millions and millions are voting without I.D. but that’s okay is it not? After all, got to protect poor people right? Tell me Mr. Commentator, do many poor people get benefits from State and federal governments, do they collect food stamps, enjoy reduced housing, medical care and various other benefits? Why yes, they do! Tell me Mr. Commentator, are they receiving these benefits on their word or were they required an I.D. or proof of residence for these benefits? Why yes, they are! Are you serious Mr. Commentator, do you expect Trump to trust YOUR party?

And by the way A.B.C, was your boy Al Gore just as reprehensible when he protested the election of George Bush?

Trick or Treat A.B.C? Answer: Always tricks on your part. Happy Halloween!

Hillary’s facial contortions:

Did you see it America? The violence that the Halloween Media accuses Trump of, was ironically written all over Hillary’s face when Trump called her on the evidence that agitators are hired by her campaign to incite violence at his events!

Why are you not harping on this A.B.C? HUH??

I will tell you why! BECAUSE IT’S NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT PROPAGANDA LIKE YOU USUALLY ENGAGE IN!

You know folks, I enjoyed Halloween when I was a kid, engaged in lots of trick or treating. I even have engaged in my share of fun haunted houses, haunted forests and so on as an adult. I know some say it is demonic and that’s another argument for another time, but I will say I believe it is where your heart is and how grounded you are as an individual. Still, don’t do much for Halloween anymore. Still, there are others like progressives, that never take off their masks, although lately, we are beginning to see as a nation that what is behind the mask of many progressives, is the real horror show. America is waking up in some ways and massively deceived in others. The problem with the awakening, is that the ghouls, goblins, witches and warlocks control our colleges, media, high schools, and various judge ships in this nation. The other problem is that the lukewarm don’t vote and many Christians think it’s all in the hands of God. See, they don’t get that God charged individuals for standing against evil all through scripture, and that nothing has changed. God Almighty has not changed, and it’s Holy God, not Awesome God, keep God out of pop culture and pop-culture out of God! Christians will be called to account for their works or their lack of them. Sitting on your hands and not voting is not Christian merit. It’s foolishness.

Hillary’s plan to protect Women, African Americans, and Gays:

Hillary tells women that she fights for them, gays that she is fighting for them and as usual, that she is a champion for African Americans.


Hillary is bringing in thousands of Syrian Refugees that are not children and women. Many of these cannot be vetted to a point that guarantees American safety. It is a lie when Hillary guarantees your safety, she cannot. Many of these men (and women for that matter), think that raping women is okay depending on the way you are dressed or dependent on whether you are an infidel or not. Many of these men think it’s fine and dandy, sweet as cotton candy, to murder gays. All Americans are at risk if you are a Christian, Jew, or just an all around progressive or red neck infidel. Now, I am not talking about every Syrian we will take in, but if we take in 500,000 and only 1% are potential killers, that’s still thousands of infidel slayers, get the picture?

As far as African Americans go, you are included in the list above and on Hillary’s second I don’t care about you list. If Hillary really believes that American Police Officers are hunting African Americans for murder (and I don’t) than why is she trying to completely restrict your right to keep and bear arms? Well, Police are not targeting African Americans for murder, but that is what Hillary and Obama are conditioning you to believe. So, it’s kind of like the first paragraph. Tell all these segments of society you care for them and then bring in the people that would kill you, or empower the people (those bad cops!) that hate you, even more.

Please, don’t be deceived, vote not for a liar. (Sorry, sometimes I write like Yoda!)

Donald Trump said the Syrian Refugees will contain a Trojan Horse:

For those of you ignorant of the history lesson here, go and rent, purchase or LEGALLY download, the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, to view Trump’s analogy.

Trump’s analogy has already happened over seas with other Refugees.

The Russians are coming:

The democratic leadership and their 17 intelligent sources tell us that Russia is fiddling with our election. So, is Russia pushing for an end to identification requirements all across the country? No, that would be the leaders of the democratic party. Is Russia allowing voter rolls to be full of people that either should not be voting or who are dead? No, that would be the democratic party. Did Russia allow Black Panther operatives to intimidate voters outside of voting places in previous elections? No, that was the former Attorney General of the Obama administration. Are districts across America allowing illegal aliens to vote in elections or is that the fault of Russia? Is Russia propping up the democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is clearly not interested in the Constitution when it comes to the Supreme Court Justices? It would seem that a proud former KGB guy would most likely support a socialist like Hillary who intends to ignore the Constitution at every opportunity, right?

Our 17 intelligence agencies, sources:

My, we have 17? Really? Are those 17 intelligence sources worried about our Justice system when the director of the F.B.I. has allowed Hillary to slip through the cracks of Justice? Are our 17 intelligence sources aware that Iran continually lies to the west and any co-operation they have promised in the ransom deal that Hillary and Obama negotiated is just another lie? Are our 17 intelligence agencies worried that in the event that Iran is deceiving us, and hiding things from us (as usual) that the money we have given them will escalate their nuclear capability? Do our 17 intelligent agencies worry that this constant public chiding of a world super power (Russia) might invoke a war or an attack on the American people or our military men and women?

Are our 17 intelligence agencies playing with a full deck?

Hillary, are there any more military secrets you would like to give other world powers like the one you did during the third presidential debate? I guess your deleted e-mails were not enough. How many secrets are you going to divulge to world powers if you become President? Are You going to give other world leaders a printed brochure of secrets or what?

Lady, I would like a lady President, but you should be no where near the White House.

One More Thing About our Leaders and Russia:

How utterly stupid is it, when the Obama administration, a Presidential candidate (Hillary) and the Vice President (Biden) continue to chastise a Super Nuclear Power in regards to the hacking of e-mails, that show criminal and/or unethical activity in the democratic party? These people are trying to destroy our culture with immoral edicts, and now they are playing public chicken with a Nuclear power. This is complete insanity. This is not a game. If our leaders have a problem with what Russian leaders may or may not be doing, than they should contact them and talk to them in private. You do not berate a Super Nuclear Power day after day in public. This shows that these people are completely irresponsible and Congress should impeach the ones they can, and arrest Hillary for attempting to create a clear and present danger for the American people! What this administration is doing, is akin to North Korea launching missiles on a regular basis, but instead of missiles, our government is launching constant public verbal missiles, to deflect attention from the crimes and unethical behavior of their party and their prize candidate. This should reveal to all Americans that the agenda of the radical progressive, exceeds all else, even when it comes to safety of over 300,000,000 Americans!

The democratic party has proven that they are a threat to our moral stability, and our long held values and traditions, and now they are showing us that they are a threat to peace, safety, and national security. Hillary Clinton runs about revealing our secrets, announcing our tactical plans, and bad mouthing foreign powers, while Biden and other leaders in our government threaten them with cyber attacks of our own. These people are full moon lunatics! This is not tactical strategy, it’s buffoonery.

Russia is not going to be subject to the political correctness of this insanely stupid democratic party, and all of our stupid leaders are playing with matches near a house made of saw dust, and unfortunately, all Americans are inside this house, yet we have republican intellectuals that are afraid of what Donald Trump may do, are they kidding? Charles Krauthammer, are you smoking something?

This internet shut down troubles me. What is going on here? Is it our government? Will our government blame Russia for this? Why are the Russians asking to monitor our election, or are they really asking to do that or is it a ruse perpetrated on us by our own government? Why is all this happening now? Are theĀ  Russians asking to monitor our elections because of all the accusations asserted by this administration? Are they entering the game, or was this game previously set up for us by both governments? Something just is not right with all of this and I cannot put my finger on it. It’s like this: Deception is even becoming hard to determine as to the type being perpetrated. We are in perilous times and the wolf is at the door, and all Americans had better start paying close attention or we are going to lose this nation and maybe even more.

We must vote this corruption out of our government. It has become pandemic.

Degrees and G.E.D.s:

You know, I think we need a room full of G.E.D holders running the country instead of these college graduates. I will be willing to bet that every person that is anybody in our State and Federal governments are degree holders right? Well, the job they are doing does not say much for college does it? I say, let high school graduates or their G.E.D. colleagues run the show for awhile. How bout it?

The Media’s Media:

It would be nice if a billionaire somewhere, maybe someone Trump knows, would start a news network that reports on the lives of other media personalities. This network could follow progressives around from the mainstream media, and pester them like they do us. This network could dig up every little thing in their personal lives and report on it day after day after day, just like progressive media does to conservatives and republicans. Please, someone, bring us a network that reports the news instead of 24/7 commentary and propaganda.

Questioning The Election Results:

How come democrat Al Gore can question an election but Republican Donald Trump cannot?


Is the Election Rigged?

Well yes, because Hillary Clinton has been clearly disqualified from running but she is being allowed to run with the blessing of her party, and federal law enforcement leaders. (Leaders, not rank and file) On this, Trump is absolutely morally correct, but of course, our government is becoming totally amoral and/or immoral, so there you go.

The acceleration of evil continues. I will keep you informed. Don’t miss the blog/video: God’s Ark of Safety, coming with grace and power, very soon.

Mark Damon