It’s Halloween! Is News Anchor Megyn Kelly Wearing a Mask?

The original title of this blog was going to be Megyn Kelly’s Sexual power, but since I am writing it on Halloween, the title became a festive question instead of a statement. One might ask, does the dramatic difference in the two titles change the theme of this blog? No, not really. The concept is the same. You see, many women don’t acknowledge the reality of their sexual power. In an age of political correctness, only men are examined under the microscope of sexual scrutiny.

Megyn Kelly saw fit to place Donald Trump under that sexual microscope during her interview with former speaker Newt Gingrich. Megyn Kelly, like many people, has completely ignored the sexual power of Trump’s accusers. Women have a sexual power that not only grants them incredible power over most men, but that power covers many other areas as well. Many people feel that a woman’s word is gold. This gift that women have derives from sexual power, pure and simple.

It is in this age of political correctness (and really it should be labeled leftist or liberal correctness) that selective scrutiny is placed on certain groups or individuals, while other groups and individuals are completely ignored.

Megyn Kelly defended her examination of the charges against Trump during a very important election season, while justifying and ignoring Bill Clinton’s more serious charges because Fox had walked over that ground in the past, but in doing so, she has demonstrated very poor journalism and the height of irresponsibility, when millions of young folks simply do not know about Bill Clinton’s past.

Megyn Kelly told Newt Gingrich that Bill Clinton was not on the ticket, but this point of hers is simply a form of meaningless semantics, because Bill Clinton is on the ticket to the White House, where his ritualistic behavior would have a fertile breeding ground. In fact, with Bill Clinton in a position of first man, it can be argued that his sexual manipulation toward women could reach a pinnacle of abuse, and not only would Bill have special access, but the protector and harasser would no longer be the first lady like before, but the most powerful woman in the world. A journalist full of brass and sass would understand how the once abusive Hillary that reportedly threatened Bill Clinton’s alleged victims, would then become a super enabler.

If meaningless diatribe was Kelly’s point in the conversation with Newt Gingrich, why bring up sexual predators at all?

The definition of Predator and Sexual Power:

Predator as defined in human terms is defined as follows: A person who looks for other people in order to use, control, or harm them in some way (Webster). Sexual Power as it pertains to women is clearly understood by millions of women the world over, and surely many will agree that the power exists. A beautiful woman only needs a look, a smile, a word or a gentle gesture to get many a men, moving to her needful beat. They will work to fulfill her wishes at the risk of a good marriage, a good job and even risk going to jail. If a woman uses this power to manipulate men, than the definition of sexual predator has been literally fulfilled. How can this be disputed? Often, this behavior is destructive and ends in the destruction of the male victim, but how many courts award the victims here?

Women also use sexual power to lure men into a ruse, only using sexual harassment at a later time for financial gain. Trump does not have to be guilty several years after the fact, he just has to be accused by the right sex. Most people want to believe women because society has granted them a pass because of sexual power. It is not just beautiful women that possess this power either, as personality, and other feminine virtues are power within themselves. It’s okay, because we men love and adore them, but it’s not okay for anyone to be taken at their word, just because society says so.

The Bible says that looking on a woman and lusting in the heart, is the same as committing adultery, and we don’t find that warning for a woman, because it is simply not as common an occurrence. Woman are celebrated far more than men for beauty and world culture shows that to be a fact. Most beauty contests are still the subject of the female form. Women have power beyond imagination, sexual power, and many women know it, and use it. Where’s the outrage for this group of sexual predators?

No man has any right to touch a woman if it’s unwanted, and no society should condemn a man until he is proven guilty. When you affect the possible future of Mr. Trump through unfair reporting and innuendo, it is wrong.

Megyn Kelly:

I wonder, did Megyn Kelly reach the heights of her success through grit and hard work, or was there an element of sexual power involved? I am not speaking of physical acts you understand, but simply what I have discussed. Did Kelly prey upon the sexual weaknesses of men? If so, they need to come forward and make the first case against this misuse of sexual power.

When Mark Levin pointed out that Kelly appeared on the Howard Stern show, I checked out the interview. Not only did she talk about her private sex life, she played a little game with stern concerning Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. I would not have been amused if I had been her husband, and clearly, I am glad I am not. Megyn Kelly acted like a kid in a candy shop when she was on Stern’s show, a show where I’ve heard Stern call women butter faces. I am sure he has said much worse. If Megyn Kelly is so concerned about the welfare of women, why did she appear on Stern’s show?

I really am sick and tired of News Anchors stacking the deck against people that have far less baggage than someone like Hillary Clinton. How many times has her dirty hands been in the cookie jar? I should point out that Bill Clinton in the White House makes Donald Trump’s possible stay there, look like a visit from the Pope!

So, on this Halloween night, I make no accusation, I present no charge, I just want to ask Megyn Kelly a couple of questions: Megyn Kelly, did you obtain your height of success with a wink, a smile, or a feminine gesture, or did you use rugged individualism? Tell the truth now. 

Megyn Kelly, are you wearing a mask of the past?

Happy Halloween

Mark Damon


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