This Easter Sunday, fill their Hearts with God’s Love.

It’s here again. That celebration that directs attention to the greatest love of all. Whatever the origins, whatever the beginning, whether you think of Easter bunnies or eggs that you have to hide for the kids, there is always going to be; in the back of even the most secular mind, the Christian story. Nearly everyday I look at the news feed. I have to. I want to see what is going on. I am a blogger. That is part of who I am now. As I wade through the garbage of pop culture each and every day, and the rampant political correctness that has our country in it’s grasp like a Giant Python, squeezing ever more air from the traditional values that made us great, I must marvel at the greatness of God in the midst of it all.

God (Jesus) died for us. All of us. All that believe in him and all that do not. We make the choice on where we will spend eternity. All we have to do is seek him using the instructions in Romans chapter 10, verses 9 and 10, and we confirm our appreciation for what he did for us vile vermin. We celebrate what he did for us on Easter. No one took his life, he gave it. No one had the power to take his life. He offered up his life under the same type of fallen Human beings that we are today. He went to the cross, died on the cross, and then arose again to save an undeserving human race. We are still undeserving. We will not overcome the need for Christ through education or technology, in fact, such things have only revealed we need him that much more.

Human beings will never reach a self made Utopia. All Nations eventually fall without God, and Nations that shake their fist at God fall faster. America is no exception. Evil is accelerating. God is waiting. Repent America. Repent as an individual. Why not do it this Easter as you go through the motions of the tradition? Pick up that dusty Bible, the kids have found enough eggs, they’ll be there tomorrow. Flip to Romans chapter 10, and as a family read verses 9 and 10 aloud. Now, the kids if they are young enough, may not have a problem with what you read, they may believe it, because they have that automatic child like faith, but your teenagers will have to put down the phone and witness your child like faith as their parents. All together now, give Christ something to really smile about at Easter, rather than watching a bunch of parents teach their kids to find hidden colored eggs in the bushes, that will not, grant them eternity with God, or fill their hearts will lasting joy.

Happy Easter

Mark Damon

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