Boxing Barbara.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer wants to scrap another brilliant tool of the Founding Fathers. She has apparently introduced a lame duck bill to abolish the Electoral College. Senator Boxer, along with a fist full¬† of Hillary’s supporters, have decided it is time to embrace the popular vote. Naturally, if Trump would have won the popular vote, and he may have, (more on that in a bit) none of this rampant push for change would be taking place, mainly, because Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians, do not behave in radical ways when they lose elections, and because if Hillary would have won the Electoral College, democrats would not be protesting Trump’s win of any popular vote, nor would they give a penny slug about the evils of the Electoral College. Still, is it possible that Hillary Clinton actually lost the popular vote as well?

A look at the Popular Vote:

The popular vote is the actual votes of eligible voters everywhere, however, just how many voters should have been voting? Nearly 10 times out of 10, almost exclusively, it is the Democratic Party, that screams about the evils of voter I.D. I would like someone to do a study to see if Clinton really won the popular and legal vote. For example, how many States do not require an individual to produce an I.D. to vote? How many of those States are States that had ample opportunity to cheat for Hillary and are under democratic control? What are the number of voting stations in those cities? How many illegal immigrants occupy those cities? How many Felons had their voting rights restored in order to vote for Hillary? How manyDemocratic Party Law Breakers, like those Hillary supporters kicking in store windows and smashing cars, were involved in voting a hundred times each for Hillary? It would seem that the popular vote would only work under a vastly moral people, and people bound by integrity. We have all seen the sparkling integrity of Hillary’s supporters, as they trash other people’s property and issue their threats. It is not hard to come to the conclusion that these law breakers would break the laws in regards to voting, using the fraudulent¬† I.D. scheme of the democratic party. I do not trust for one Cosmic Second, that Hillary Clinton won the Popular, legal vote!

The Electoral College is brilliant:

Barbara Boxer tells us that the Electoral College is obsolete, but what she is really saying, is that the Democratic party needs one more cheating tool, to make their no I.D. requirement work in tandem with overthrowing legitimate elections, and the will of the people. The Founders believed, by establishing The Electoral College system, that all States and all people, would have a voice in electing our President, not just millions of nut balls in large States that might end up losing their collective minds.

The Electors: 

If every Hillary Clinton supporter that voted in this election signed this ignorant petition circulating throughout America, the electors should still do the right thing and up-hold the will of the people as represented by the States. We are a Republic for a reason, a good one, and it is because the mob (Pure Democracy) can get it very, very wrong. In this case our Electoral College worked exactly the way the Founders intended.

Other Parts of the Constitution Democrats Think are Obsolete:

The Democratic leadership not only thinks that the Electoral College is obsolete, they think that way about the First and Second Amendments as well. You see, they think they know better about what America should be than what those old Founding Fathers believed. The Democratic leadership in this Country think that the Founders, Heartland Americans, Christians, and Conservatives are obsolete as well, fortunately though, WE THE PEOPLE, showed the Democratic leadership who we believe, is obsolete.

Mark Damon



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