Storm Watch

Meteorologists can tell us if we are likely to be hit with a series of Tornadoes depending upon the conditions that exist in any given area. They can also tell us if conditions exist that will fuel a powerful hurricane. Today, Election Day, the same conditions exist. The first watch is the election. The nationwide votes are being tabulated as I type this blog. The outcome of this election is the first indication on whether conditions are right for The Election Storm. If Hillary wins, the first condition for this massive storm will have been established.

The second indicator of the coming storm will be a change in Congress. If the democrats take control of both houses, the likely hood of a paralyzing storm of evil will be very real. The only issue that may delay this super storm of evil will be the fact that Hillary will be wanting to get elected twice. This issue however, is no guarantee that the storm will not begin in the first one, two or three years. Make no mistake about it though, if Hillary Clinton is elected, along with a new Congress, a storm of evil will fall upon the people of America.

Various rights of our Constitution may very well be swept away by this storm of evil. We will see this storm decimate our nations values further, until what America once was, MAY be no more.

Another scenario is that republicans may retain control of Congress. Although the evil winds of the storm may threaten our liberties under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, the republicans have the ability to shelter our freedoms if they will do it. They can deny Hillary’s nominations for Supreme Court Justices. This would likely, at the very least, protect the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution. They can also stop Hillary from her gun bill desires.

Millions of people are deceived in this nation and frankly, I could careless on what these people might think of a Congress that would deny Hillary her Justices. Our freedoms are at stake here people. I have talked to Hillary supporters, and I can tell you, almost without exception, they have no idea of what is going on in this country, and they do not have a clue that they are being robbed of their liberties and their security at the same time. We are in perilous times America.

I hope Donald Trump wins or America might not weather the evil storm that may come upon this nation, for even if the republicans retake Congress, I’m afraid I don’t have much faith in the shelter they will provide for us all, if any at all.

America, watch the weather, right now, we are waiting for the right conditions.

Good luck to freedom lovers everywhere!

Mark Damon

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