Super Storm Missed America.

The Super Storm of Evil may be delayed with the election of Donald Trump, but evil acceleration may not be completely halted, due to America’s spiritual condition. Apparently, there are a lot of people that had no problem in voting for a woman that had every intention of gutting the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution, continuing on a path of total perversion, and embracing a platform based on constant mendacity.

I believe it was President Obama that said that he was not sure on what the American People were trying to say with the election of Donald Trump. Well, let me see if I can help him understand a bit about it, since I voted for Trump. Men and Women across this country do not support a government that is trying to pervert the roles of sexuality. Millions of people think that it is completely crazy to promote an idea that biological men should be allowed to enter women’s restrooms. Americans were also not thrilled that our children in some areas of the country are being taught confusion about their roles concerning gender. Hillary Clinton had said on two different occasions that she supports this nonsense, and that she intended to make related issues a priority if she became President. That’s one group of fed-up Americans that voted against this weird progressive, abnormal, and dangerous platform.

The next group of Americans that spoke very loudly were the gun owners of America. You would think Hillary Clinton would have learned through the Al Gore Experience, that messing with the guns of Americans was a losing proposition. It wasn’t just the gun issue, but the lying about the issue that enraged gun owners. Hillary talked about the Heller Decision as if it was about toddlers, but gun owners all knew that this was not the case. Hillary said she supported back ground checks and laws to prevent those who should not have a gun. The gun owners of America did not buy this dishonest rhetoric. You see, gun owners already knew what Hillary supported. They knew that she supported massive gun bans, Australian type gun registration and confiscation, and that she believed that the Heller Decision was wrong. The gun owners were another group of Americans that were fed-up.

The next group of Americans that voted for Trump were the always loyal Pro-Lifers. Hillary Clinton lied yet again, during one of the debates, about Partial-Birth Abortion. She lied about what it is, and made up stories about what it is not. Not only did she disrespect the unborn by lying about this procedure, but she did the same to the American people in order to protect this horrendous procedure. This group of Americans pulled the lever for Trump as well.

Hillary made it clear that the Borders of the United States mean nothing to her, but they do to us. By us, I mean Immigrants that have worked hard to come here legally, African Americans who are tired of their jobs being stolen by illegal immigrants, and millions of others who know that this is being done so that the Democratic Leadership can use and abuse another voting minority. I am sure Border Agents joined the others in this group in total disgust, as Hillary’s Morbid Desires would make their jobs a nightmare. All of these people, numbering in the millions, voted for Trump.

Hillary lost many women due to the fact that she was trying to disarm them through gun control, subject them to violation through public restrooms, and open them and their children up to the possible dangers of Isis operatives hiding among thousands of Syrian Refugees. This group pulled the lever for Trump.

Then, perhaps a massive block of voters voted against Hillary because they felt that she was the absolute Greatest Liar of all time in politics! Then, to top all of these things off with Democratic Sugar, Hillary had the cavalier attitude that her e-mails were just a mistake.

Finally, so many issues were swirling around Hillary, like The Clinton Foundation Scandal, that the public perception of Hillary, whether right or wrong, was that Hillary clearly thought she was above the law!

I think concession speeches are Peachy Keen, but if they are not genuine who cares? I mean, what has Hillary been genuine about?

These are certainly not the only reasons Hillary Clinton lost so many States, but they sure represent a lot of those reasons, and I know, because I have asked people here, there, and every where! Hope this blog post helps the President understand what America was saying with the election of Donald Trump.

Still though, I am glad President Elect Trump said that he intends to be the President of all of the people.

God Bless America, and

Thank God for his mercy,

Mark Damon






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