The Biblical Constitution Revisits Columnist Kirsten Powers. (USA Today Article)

Kirsten must be kidding. You know, I reviewed her book (The Silencing) on my blog, I even dubbed her a Hero for being critical of the left in her book, but we have to face reality here, the national media clearly leans left, and they clearly run with stories often like cheap tabloids before knowing all the facts. This was established by one of the most prominent Anchors, Dan Rather, when he ran with a phony story about George W. Bush. This Russian story is another. Democratic leaders, their supporters, and many media figures, are running with the narrative about how the Russians hacked the election, but that is simply not true. The only thing that is true, is that someone hacked democratic party e-mails, that’s it, but the constant media narrative is that the Russians hacked the election. Kirsten should apply what is the reality of today in regards to these issues, like she did very effectively in her book, and call for an investigation of misconduct revealed in the democratic leadership, that’s the story. Kirsten compares Barack Obama’s treatment of Fox News akin to the actions of President Trump, while stating that Obama was not as bad, but the difference in the two men, is the opposite. Donald Trump’s biggest problem with most of the mainstream media, is that they run with stories that have not been proven, and make up additional narratives as companion pieces for reports that are conjecture or many times clearly untrue.

Obama on the other hand, was opposed to FOX asking him hard questions of any kind! Since Obama and other democratic leaders are usually not subject to hard scrutiny from the media, any question not afforded powder puff status was considered an attack by Fox News. There is almost no balance with the mainstream media, but Fox, clearly offers liberal commentary, and Kirsten has been a part of that political diversity, as well as many other progressives at Fox. Let’s face it, Rush Limbaugh may be the Incredible Hulk of the talk radio world, being the Strongest One There is in that venue, but he does not have the presence that even a failing T.V. Media possesses, when combined with print media, Hollywood, Educational institutions and big musical entertainers.

Kirsten references John McCain in her article, but that simply means nothing either, as McCain constantly practices loyalty to the democratic party. McCain has always been at the front of the line when it comes to putting down the people in the party he supposedly represents. It is time for this Wolf to take off the outfit and switch to the party he has this insatiable love affair with, the democratic party. McCain is also wrong. Trump’s criticism of the media, (and this includes Kirsten’s concern) is not akin to how dictatorships get started, in fact, Trump’s concerns are well received by millions of Americans that have detested big media for years. Individuals are not the only ones that can threaten our freedoms and the Constitution, groups and other powers are more than able to do just that. The 9th and Fourth Circuit Courts have both revealed that fact in the past few weeks, as well as other times in the past. McCain made the statement that government branches are equal and “we” (meaning the other branches) will continue to uphold our Constitutional duties. Well first, if his contention is that the branches are equal, then it follows that President Trump should be able to ignore the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. (Following the the convoluted logic of McCain). The Truth is otherwise. The equality of the three branches pertains to the defense of the American People and the Constitution, and that specific power did not apply to the Judiciary in the 9th Circuit’s ruling.

For example, the Courts have no authority to Command the Military, nor does the President have the authority to render legal judgements or arguments, and Congress has things that they cannot do either, but that certain powers are specifically granted to the President. In the case of Trump’s Travel Ban Order, the law was clearly and broadly written to support his actions. The 9th Circuit went beyond it’s Constitutional powers, in that the Court ignored written law given to the President by Congress. The Court in fact, stepped far above it’s equal status, but the media, what Kirsten’s article was about, failed to objectively point this out, the narrative was all about Trump’s Unconstitutional behavior in the mainstream press, when it was the 9th Circuit’s ruling that was outside of it’s Constitutional powers. Shortly after that Court’s ruling, came the Unconstitutional infringement on the Second Amendment by the Fourth Circuit, again, progressive activism at work. Dictators come to power by suppressing the truth and misleading the innocent. These things are both taking place, in the Media, in our Courts and in our Universities, and I have just illustrated how the first two institutions are doing just that. If Trump wanted to be a dictator, he is a terrible one, because he clearly could have legally ignored the 9th Circuit ruling, and he did not. I like Kirsten’s work in the Silencing, I just wish she would be as objective in President Trump’s situation.

This post is in response to a article Kirsten Authored in USA Today entitled: Trumping Obama’s War With Fox.

Mark Damon

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