The Secret Service Should Have a Pow Wow with Bow Wow!

Since when are comments like the ones Bow Wow made about Trump’s Wife Melania protected free speech? I believe, that The Secret Service needs to have a talk with this Bow Wow character, and for that matter Snoop Dogg. The left has really revealed what they are all about since this last election. Madonna revealed what a bastion of integrity she was when she said she was thinking about “blowing up the White House”, and Ashley Judd impressed us with her “Nasty Woman” diatribe. Apparently, the left believes that lawful behavior only applies to Conservatives, Christians, and Constitutionalists, in fact, the left demands that good behavior only apply to the three Cs as well. The left reserves the right of the First Amendment for the left wing media, college professors, and violent renegade students, but often tries to deny those protections for those individuals falling under the three Cs category.

The left has also demonstrated their tolerance for heated dangerous rhetoric, to go hand in hand with attacks on Police Officers, personal property, and people that do not tow an exact progressive line of thought and speech.

It’s high time to call these leftists out on their radical and dangerous public displays. This Bow Wow character threatened the First Lady of the United States when he: 1. Threatened to Pimp her Out, and 2. Said that he would “MAKE her work for us”. The Us, we must assume was Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg, since this is the reference of the tweet. The only way that Bow Wow could accomplish such a goal, would to be in threatening to kidnap the First Lady, and to then ‘MAKE” her perform in some form of forced sexual servitude. The operative word is make, which indicates forced. In order to force someone to do something, you must first have that person in your custody. So, Bow Wow has made two terroristic threats against Melania. I believe the threats made both indicate kidnapping, followed by forced prostitution.

There is also a third element worthy of investigation here. Since Bow Wow has said that he intended to “make” the First Lady work for them (Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow), then it only makes sense that there should be an investigation within the states that Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow reside in. Prostitution is illegal in nearly every state of the union except Nevada, and forced prostitution is illegal in all states.

Consider this an official complaint to the U.S. Secret Service. I am calling for an investigation of Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg, and am further asking that the Secret Service investigate Bow Wow specifically, for his dangerous comments whether he apologizes or not.

Bow Wow’s comments should not just be dismissed as cultural dialog. There are valid text book definitions for the words he used, and they should be applied. I do not even recall a LOL at the end of his tweet, but even if there was, this was a tweet that was clearly not afforded satire or parody protections, and I believe the malice and contempt is evident in his words. I hope that the Secret Service will act accordingly, or the precedent set here may continue unabated. Words are powerful things, and the First Amendment does not protect this type of speech in regards to threats.

Thank you,

Mark Damon

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