Treading Swamp Waters and Calling out the Vermin.

John McCain is the Democrat’s Premier Cheerleader. He is nearly always that first loyal republican to trash anyone that has anything to do with the party he represents. Once again, he focuses on the messenger trying to uncover possible seedy activities of the Democratic party. It’s not about what the Obama administration may have done improperly in collecting information on private citizens, or about Hillary Clinton’s emails and what was in them, no, it’s about the people trying to expose the corruption. When John McCain was asked about on whether Devin Nunes, R-Calif, should reveal his sources regarding possible improper collection procedures, McCain said, that he thought he should. It’s unbelievable what is going on here. No matter what garbage is uncovered or investigated concerning the Democratic party or their lackeys, the focus always seems to be on the investigator, or in the case of Hillary Clinton, the alleged Russian hackers who influenced the election in America. It is amazing that this is still the narrative, but it is. If someone hacked something, it was information that was damaging to the democratic party, not voting machines. Why is this being ignored? Why is the narrative always about how the Russians hacked the election, when if anything was hacked, it was compromising information on democratic operatives.

If someone was engaged in illegal hacking then go after them with legal efforts, but don’t continue a narrative about pine trees when your really talking about maple trees! It would seem to me, that all of the mendacity that the Democrats have been engaged in, and the new revelations that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has uncovered, should at least be worthy of a side discussion and a cursory investigation! Instead, every time something unflattering is uncovered about the democratic party or their associates, the focus is switched to the investigator, and the person is asked to resign, recuse themselves, or is otherwise the subject of a automatic reverse investigation. This is pure corruption America, and President Trump should take steps to get this swamp drained as much as he can, as fast as he can, using every legal avenue to him, or this Country is at risk in floating into ever lasting corruption, and the sad reality of all this could be, a never ending progression of this progressive rot, rot that’s being shoved down our voting throats without our consent!

No matter how this turns out for President Trump and The American Voter, we can always depend on our brother, Senator John McCain, to administer the counter party battle cry: Give me a D, give me a E, give me an M and a O, give me a C, an R, an A, and a T, now whats that spell? DEMOCRAT! 

Judge Gorsuch and a Republican Backbone: (To Mitch McConnell)

Hey Mitch, listen closely, for you’ve been told before! You won! You won! You won! Now, listen closely, here’s the second part. America voted for Trump because traditional Republicans have been looking for their backbones for years! It’s not too late Mitch! Let the Republican Senate find their back bones! Please, this time don’t blow it!!!! Now, third and most important, the Democratic party does not give a Donkey’s behind about Trump’s voters, Conservative or Christian Americans, or you. If they had won, you better believe, that they would use the Nuclear Option in a Horny Heartbeat! Now, please, do what you need to do to get Gorsuch confirmed! The Senate rules mean nothing to the democratic party, other than it is a tool for when they need it. Use it yourself, get Gorsuch confirmed, and hope and pray, one or two more Supreme Court Justices on the left retire, so you can USE IT AGAIN! The American People would just love ya, if you could protect their First and Second Amendment rights from these radical progressives that Despise what Obama called, The Negative Rights in The Bill of Rights! Can you do this little thing for us Mitch? Can you not worry about what the Democrats may do in four years, eight years or beyond? You know why I don’t want you to worry Mitch? Because the Democrats are going to do anything they want in the future no matter what the Republican party does now, and do you know why? Because they follow their radical voters wishes! Now follow our wishes! Protect the Constitution of the United States, grow a spine, and thumb your nose at the media! You will make tens of millions of new friends if you do. One last thing: The Democratic radical base will not vote for you no matter what you do, especially, if you are a body of cowards!! 

Glenn Beck:

Why don’t you counsel Tomi Lahren Glenn, instead of terminating her for saying she is pro-choice? It is pretty amazing that you fired her, when you are rubbing shoulders and hugging radical progressives. Are you confused Glenn? We need all the informed Women we can get on our side. Are you running for the Senate and maybe moving to Arizona, all ready for when Senator John McCain retires? Maybe you can be the next cheerleader for the Democratic leadership? Tomi Lahren has a good head on her shoulders and if she believes Abortion is a choice its because she has been deceived. If Abortion was an issue concerning a Woman’s right to control her body, than why isn’t prostitution legal in all fifty states? Isn’t prostitution more of a right than killing a separate living being? What about suicide? That’s illegal in most or all places isn’t it? Use these arguments on Tomi to start, and then hire her back, she’s an important voice in this nation. You want a talented young Woman like her to become seduced by the left, and consider throwing in with their ideology, and start speaking for them? What a waste. What is she to think? You talk about hugging radical progressives, while firing her for expressing one of their beliefs. How utterly stupid is that? Are you a graduate of John McCain University? Hire her back, Johnny confused, and raise her pay! Want me to talk to her? I will likely be able to convince her that Abortion is an act against another person and not just another body part. Unbelievable!! I cannot believe for the life of me, why we all are not living in total socialism and speaking progressive, with stupidity like this!

Ted Koppel:

Are you kidding me Ted? You think Sean Hannity is bad for America? Really? He attracts people that care more about ideology than facts? Really? Listen bub, the left lives for one thing. In the morning they eat their ideology, and they eat it again at lunch, then at dinner, for a midnight snack, and they dream about their ideology while they are sleeping, at least during the day, when they are not at a protest, punching a conservative in the face, or smashing someone’s store window or vehicle. I don’t know if you have a middle name Ted, but your initials should be LOL.

I could comment on a lot more in the news, but I released enough frustration for the night. Wake up America, or we just might lose this nation while we are sleeping.

Mark Damon




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