Boxing Barbara.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer wants to scrap another brilliant tool of the Founding Fathers. She has apparently introduced a lame duck bill to abolish the Electoral College. Senator Boxer, along Continue Reading

The Premier Halloween Host Ends The Festival of Samhain at the D.N.C.

Chelsea Clinton’s Message About Her Mom: I certainly do not fault Chelsea for saying good things about her Mom. Most Children want to say good things about their parents. Unfortunately, Continue Reading

I hope Rush Limbaugh fails, If- – – –

My mission is to bring to my readers, and to my viewers, when it comes to my up-coming videos (those videos that are not parodies or the search for Cryptids), Continue Reading

Kings, Queens, and Constitutionalists

I constantly hear the argument, about how a Judge being considered for the Supreme Court, or candidate for the Presidency, should be rich in education and experience. Well, those standards Continue Reading

I don’t wish to Rush to Judgement, but Bret Stephens via The Wall Street Journal, Echoes more, of what this Blogger has already noticed, about the Ascension of Donald Trump.

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh off and on since 1988. Many times I have agreed with him on various issues, while other times I have disagreed. Lately, I have Continue Reading


It’s after five on Christmas evening. If I don’t get this story out I’m gonna miss what I believe is significant about it. Hello World, my name is Allen Masterson. Continue Reading

A Special Thanks To The National Rifle Association leadership And Especially, Wayne LaPierre, For Defending Our Constitution.

Mr. LaPierre, You’ve been called a Terrorist, and your organization blamed for every deranged killer in America. NRA members are referred to by some media outlets in similar derogatory terms. Continue Reading

Stephen Prothero via USA TODAY: Response to “Religious Bigotry is as American as Apple Pie”.

Mr. Prothero, I feel I must respond to your piece on religious bigotry in the December 9th edition of USA TODAY. Your comparisons of religious discrimination directed at Catholics and Continue Reading