A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr: Has King’s Dream become a Nightmare?

Martin Luther King presented his “I have a dream speech”, on August 28, 1963. I was not there, but I have read the speech. It was not only a good Continue Reading

Answering Donald Trump!

This past week, in the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump authored an article entitled: Let Me Ask America a Question. Since I am a citizen of America, I will be Continue Reading

Ken Ham’s Ark: A Homage to our Past, a Warning for the Future

God promised never again to bring forth a world wide flood, so that threat is over. I know that a world wide flood took place, because I can clearly see Continue Reading

Calling all Parents and Respectable Businesses: Do You Know What LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer) is Teaching your Children?

I made it clear from the moment I started this blog that I am a sinner. That confession is right there in my Foundations page. My life could actually cause Continue Reading

Is USATodaySoWhite?

The only groups in America that can be criticized, lampooned, lambasted, and even threatened, are Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and all white people, unless of course the white people are dedicated Continue Reading

The Real War on Women and the Second Amendment

When Americans go to bed at night, or whenever we lay our heads down to rest, we should have the confidence that our leaders are going to sleep, with their Continue Reading


The attributes of a hero are often courage, honesty, courtesy and charity. The foundation that is Kirsten Powers new book, reveals all of those characteristics. I don’t believe that every Continue Reading