Santa Claus Arrested For Violating Obama’s Secret No Fly List

Press Secretary Josh Earnest reported in a News conference earlier this evening on the arrest of Santa Claus. “Frankly, The President was very suspicious that an old man like this Continue Reading

The New York Daily News Gives Us A Glimpse into President Obama’s No Fly List AKA No Gun List!

President Barack Obama asked the following question following the terrorist attack in California. He asked, “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic Continue Reading

Stephen Prothero via USA TODAY: Response to “Religious Bigotry is as American as Apple Pie”.

Mr. Prothero, I feel I must respond to your piece on religious bigotry in the December 9th edition of USA TODAY. Your comparisons of religious discrimination directed at Catholics and Continue Reading


AN OPEN LETTER TO THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: When the Founding Fathers fought the battles for Independence, they did not view prayers to GOD as meaningless platitudes. The Founders Continue Reading